Taking Control of Your Life

By January 14, 2018Uncategorized

Taking control of your life isn’t always easy. especially if there are other people involved. Our surroundings form our behaviors and our emotions more than we care to admit to ourselves. But when it comes to controlling your life, that’s even a greater challenge. We must first evaluate what it means to have control over your life. This means that you have awareness of aspects of your life and are confident in yourself. Having this confidence means that you may hold yourself accountable for doing whatever it takes to achieve desired results.

To achieve these desired results you have to be okay with what is in and out of your control. A great quote from Wayne Dyer says, “You cannot always control what goes on outside. But you can always control what goes on inside.” You can’t always control what happens around you, but you can control how you react to it. Whether it’s your thoughts, emotions, and your actions towards external factors, you will be able to control it. This isn’t an easy practice and not something that is going to happen overnight. You have to learn how to channel your stress, anger, and sadness into different aspects of your life that will not have a negative impact on you.

It is important to acknowledge that these external factors may cause these feelings, but the greatest way to have control over your life is to stop blaming others for how you are feeling. If you want to control your surroundings you have to understand that eventually you have to hold yourself accountable. This way, rather than accusing others of what is happening in your life, you discover your own role in the problem. Now, not every problem is your fault, but it’s how you let that problem define you that is the issue. This is directly letting the problem control your life instead of the other way around.

Letting the problem define you should not be a stressful endeavor. You can’t control everything, it’s impossible for us to control everything. You only have control over yourself and not others. To fix this problem and to live an easier life avoid toxic people, places, and things that bring you down. This will eliminate stress.

Being informed about your surroundings will give you awareness of what is going on around you. You will feel calmer knowing you are more in control. This happens because you have less uncertainty about the unknown; you go into a situation prepared.

Living a life in which you’re in tune with your emotions and feelings may seem impossible, however, everyone can do it. You must first find out what makes you sad, stressed, or even angry and avoid these situations. You must understand that you can’t control every situation, but think about how you react to it. In many situations, our emotions escalate in a certain way based on how intense it may be. You have one of two options: either let your emotions take over, or conquer them and have the strength to walk away.


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