Reduce Stress In Your Life

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We can’t possibly sort out all the things that may cause us stress. We can, however, find ways to stop stress from affecting us. Stress affects all of us differently, you may be more motivated in stressful situations or you may shut down. Remember that your stress shouldn’t control you and limit your possibilities of being relaxed and happy. Stress is an extremely unpleasant state to be in, it takes away from the beauty of being alive. Stress can cause anger, depression, suicide, heart attacks, cancer, etc. It’s important to stop stress in its tracks so it doesn’t consume you. Here are some tips to reduce stress in your life.

  1.     Meditate

A few minutes of meditation a day can help reduce stress. “Research has shown that daily meditation may alter the brain’s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress,” says psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, Ph.D., a Chicago health and wellness coach. Meditation can be performed wherever you go., however, a serene and quiet space is the best environment to meditate in.. This will eliminate all of the outside distractions that may cause you to lose your concentration. Try closing your eyes and remembering a place where you felt truly happy and at peace. Hold onto that moment to bring to mind whenever you meditate and go there for an escape.

  1.     Breathe Deeply

Take a break and focus on your breathing. Breathing can be very beneficial to eliminate stress. When we are in high-stress situations we tend to take shorter breaths and this can frustrate you even more. Try taking a deep breath and concentrating on it. Sit up straight and breath in and out. According to Judith Tutin, Ph.D., “Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure.”

3.Be Present

The importance of being present is to slow down. We often stress ourselves out thinking about what we have to do next, such as, the upcoming presentation we have to give at work or a test in class. We run through all of the possible outcomes, good and bad. You may even find yourself jumping to different conclusions about different things all at once before they actually happen. It’s important to take a second to relax and remember that we live in the present, not yesterday and not tomorrow. You can’t control every situation, good or bad, so don’t spend time stressing. When you spend more time in the moment you are able to focus on your senses and you will become less stressed.

4.Reach Out

Talking to others about what is going on in your life isn’t always easy. It can be a challenge opening up to people, especially if you prefer dealing with things on your own. Sharing what’s going on in your life can really help eliminate the stress you may be feeling. It can allow you to get a fresh perspective and understand more of what’s going on in your life.

  1. Tune In to Your Body

Be aware of what causes you stress in your life each day and look to see how it affects your body. Lie back and take a second to relax, not only mentally, but physically as well.

Stress can lead to more severe problems both mentally and physically, but most importantly it has the possibility to take away from your everyday wellness. Don’t let stress affect your days. Take a step back and relax, removing yourself from the situation in order to understand further why you may be feeling this way.

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