Family Constellation

Healing your soul begins with an understanding and honoring of the family system from which you have been created.

Family Constellation is a process that allows the soul to open itself to information surrounding ancestral family trauma so that it can heal on a level deeper than the mind may allow. We are an interconnected part of our family soul system going back several generations.

There are often mysteries in our family history unknown to us or unbearable to acknowledge, yet they are inherently part of, and often without knowing, guiding our lives. It is the identification and understanding of these mysteries that allows us to heal and be at peace in the present.

It is possible to heal the wounds of our family system so that we can reconnect with our own path and reclaim our own destiny.

Emotional Transformation Therapy TM (ETT TM)

Emotional Transformation Therapy TM (ETT TM) is an extraordinary form of psychotherapy that uses powerful techniques of visual brain stimulation to access new levels of depth and rapid therapeutic change.

ETT TM is supported by scientific research on the effects of lights therapy for seasonal affective disorder (S.A.D.) which has identified the serotonin neurotransmitter system as a mechanism by which light therapy provides benefits. Extensive research shows that light therapy is effective for relieving a wide  variety of mood disorders, not just winter depression.

ETT TM not only harnesses theses benefits, but dramatically improves upon them during psychotherapy by the use of the empirically validated principles of the association between mood states and color sensitivity, entrainment that elicits specific brainwave states for each therapeutic purpose, and peripheral eye stimulation and eye movement techniques during light stimulation for rapid change of emotional states.

Eye Movement Psychotherapy

The therapeutic use if eye movement for psychological and physical changes is undergoing a paradigmatic shift with the advent of multidimensional eye movement (MDEM). There is a long history of using some aspect of the eyes’ functioning to enhance therapeutic purposes. During the last decade, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) has validated as a means for relieving certain aspects of post-traumatic stress disorder and has gained widespread popularity.

However, eye movement procedures have long been used in different cultures like China and Brazil. The new development of variations of eye movement processes has substantially boosted the potential to change and improve eye movement methods over time. MDEM provides a considerable leap forward in the precision and impact of eye movement and eye position for rapid therapeutic gains. MDEM is one cluster of processes within and overall method of Emotional Transformation Therapy (ETT) an evidence-based form of therapy characterized by extremely rapid outcomes and proficiency in accessing buried memory.

This new form of eye movement offers:

  1. several original procedures,
  2. new premises,
  3. faster and more in-depth outcomes,
  4. applications for a larger variety of conditions than previous forms of eye movement psychotherapy.

Child Therapy

Children are among the most vulnerable. Psychotherapy can be an effective way to assist in healing Traumas & Abuses, Social & Separation Anxiety, ADHD and ADD, Behavior Managemnet, Anger Management and Divorce.