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Emotional Transformation Therapy

ETT uses powerful techniques of visual brain stimulation to access new levels of depth and rapid therapeutic change.

Child Therapy

Healing traumas, abuse, social separation, anxiety, behavior management, anger management and divorce.


Embrace wellness while achieving health goals, understanding who you are, and enhancing your full potential.


Patient Care

Thank you for taking the time to view my website. My name is Anna Sonnenburg, Owner and Counselor, of CorConcepts. I want you to understand I LOVE my work! It fills me with passion and from this passion, I’m here for you. Through my own personal healing journey and over 30 years of experience, I have realized that HEALING IS A HOLISTIC process; Body, Mind, and Spirit.

In each treatment session, I bring many years of training and experience to achieve your wellbeing. Everyone is unique and has their own set of circumstances so I approach each person individually. And design their personalized treatment plan for their healing goals.



Anna's ability to connect with a broad demographic and talent for creating a safe environment support her distinct clinical skill set. This makes her uniquely qualified as a mental healthcare provider. I have referred patients from varied backgrounds with a broad spectrum of needs. Each of these patients has had a positive experience. Her professionalism and efficacy make it easy choice when looking to refer a patient.

David A. CooksL.Ac, MSOM, Diplomate if Oriental Medicine

Dear Anna

I have been a smoker for nearly 30 years. Smoking was how I managed stress, set-backs,grief, and normal daily life. In affected my health, relationships, jobs, and self-image. Everyone who cared about me urged me to quit. And because of them, I tried - patches, nicotine gum, Chantix, counseling and going cold turkey with brief success, always giving up when life's challenges surfaced (and of course life is pretty much a series of challenges).

I no longer smoke. It feels like being set free after decades of being a slave to cigarettes.

I didn't stop because life became stress free, uncomplicated or unchallenging. I didn't stop because of pressure from family, friends or colleagues.

I quit as a direct result of your unique therapy and inventive color box technology. In spite of turmoil at home and work, I stopped -- discovering I could survive, actually, thrive regardless of life's challenges.

Your are incredible therapist who has revealed a "me" I didn't know existed. How insufficient it is to just say Thank You.


I've done a lot of personal growth work in the past 25 years and experienced a number of therapist along the way. Some really good, some okay, one umm not good at all. Anna falls in the really good category, I mean REALLY GOOD! We were off and running my first session and 2 years later, I am more excited than ever on the journey back to my authentic self. Shes is the kind of therapist who is walking her talk. How do i Know this? Because I am seeing noticeable results within myself. Oh, and other people are noticing too... like my husband, adult, daughter, and also one of my sisters. All are now meeting with Anna and having their own experiences and growth. Her boundaries are impeccable, there is no messy enmeshment or inappropriate overlap with other family members. It is just a very emotionally clean vibe with Anna. See her if you want to clear out a lifetime's worth of inner junk or if you're just needing to untangle a knot or two. She rocks! C.A.


Anna helped me to move through years of post-traumatic symptoms. With each session there were tangible improvements in my pain, sleep patterns and perspective. She was able to help where other forms of treatments had not been effective. I am forever grateful.



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